True car expert provides you with complete detail of your dream car, from a daily driven car to a premium car, is especially dedicated to the car guys who are always willing to learn more about cars & compare them with others.


People deeply analyze the specs of any car starting from the exterior, interior, and especially the engine specs but you may not be able to find accurate information and not all can be trusted. Therefore our site True car Expert provides you the opportunity to deeply learn about your car from every aspect and make a wise decision and don’t regret your purchase later.

What does Offer?

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 Our management has deeply felt the absence of vehicle information on the internet whereas we present you this site with a-z you’ll ever want to learn about your dream car.

Before you go out in the market for a car it is very crucial to know everything about that machine so that the dealer won’t make you a fool, what tire fits your car, and everything about the luggage carrying and head, foot, shoulder space we got you covered with the tiniest information.

You can get the knowledge of as old models as 10 years past, hence is no chance you’ll not find your desired data. You can also learn about the most usually asked questions about any car you look for and we’ll get you the best answers.

What makes True Car Expert Different?

This site is not just a usual site that you’ll come across over the internet, we have done our best to make things hell a lot easier for the users and get them every ounce of detail. Once you enter our site you will have a glance at the homepage interface with an image of a car which is often changed, secondly, you’ll see a search bar where you can enter the exact car manufacturing brand and the model year or you can go directly for the category list and make a manual search.

Once you find your desired search then you have your sight over the information that our management has worked continuously for.  Moreover, if you are a real Car Guru then you must be feeling blessed after having yourself on our site. Starting from exterior to interior, all the space for seating, and the complete knowledge about your engine.

Some customers are more attracted to the outer appearance of the car whereas some car guys are just for the engine and its specs. You can find cars that are trendy and up-to-date prices. People who are very aware of the safety and reliability of cars can have complete data in their knowledge. Since the reliability of a car is one major factor that family-driven cars should be aware of.

What can I find here?

You can find the complete differences between the cars that cover your budget and end your confusion since many people become the prey of this confused state. After that, you get to see several different comparison charts, engine specs, interior dimensions, and the price budget.

Under the heading of the true car dealer portal, you can find the dealers who are ensured as trustworthy and you can get to see any car you are willing to buy. The piece of information you will get to see will include all the differences that will guide you to a better purchase. A separate heading for engine differentiation is necessary to be learned.

One thing that daily driven cars are considered for mainly is the fuel consumption and the maintenance cost, you will get to know everything about the petrol/diesel operating engines and their miles per gallon. The data that is displayed is the knowledge received from several forums, owners’ reviews, and personal experience.

We speak in favor of no car brand which is why you can learn true information about the performance of your searched vehicle which is mandatory when making a purchase. At the end of the information, you would find the conclusion which is part of every blog, and the frequently asked questions after that. We work our best to let you know the true car value you’ve been looking out for.

Additional information 

Our staff at Truecar is always available on the site and continuously fixes every bug that pops out. From having a few years of models available on the site we have made our way to the past 10 years to the present year. A close observation of the site would make you explore the true car near me option which will get you the nearest dealers in your area at the moment. Our true car nationwide services are available anytime and it’s nonstop.

The addition of vehicle pictures along with the information makes the interface even more interesting, you can also find expert reviews on the site along with the rating grade. Have fate in our service and we will look out for a suitable car for you. Instead of wasting your time on the internet and making random searches make your way to our site and get to know all about the trendy car news and add things to your knowledge.

The category portion of TrueCar is best for people that are always on a schedule and have less time so instead of making searches by typing and instead of this just make some clicks and get your sight over the wished content.