Mitsubishi vs Toyota | Which is Better?

The two mega brands have made their mark in the automobile industry. Many people question if Toyota and Mitsubishi are the same company. They are not the same company. There are major differences when we compare Mitsubishi vs Toyota.

Toyota has a much longer history than Mitsubishi. While Mitsubishi is focused on technology and affordability. For example, when we look for the mitsubishi outlander vs toyota highlander we find multiple unique features such as fuel, mileage, power, etc.

Toyota has a diverse line of products ranging from RAV4, Corolla, Camry, Highlander and Tacoma, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Mirai. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi is famous for its products like Mirage, Lancer, Outlander, Eclipse, and i-MiEV. Mitsubishi has a major market in Asia and Southeast Asia. One such example is of mitsubishi outlander vs toyota rav4 hybrid. Both of these cars are exquisite but they differ greatly in design, styling, performance, technology, and safety. Outlander vs rav4 size also varies.

Mitsubishi vs Toyota Chart

Starting Price$35,693$21,550
Horsepower RPM4,800 rpm6,500 rpm
Torque RPM1600 rpm4,200 rpm
Gear Number66
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length5 year5 year

Toyota is known to have a longer range of products than Mitsubishi. If we see the technology of both brands, they are equally unique in certain areas of technology. Price is one thing that matters the most when purchasing a high-quality vehicle. Mitsubishi is known for its value-oriented service.

When you decide upon buying a car you also have to keep in mind resale value, availability of spare parts, and service centers. Mitsubishi only overtakes the price value. Hence, according to our research and stated facts Toyota has proved to be a better option than Mitsubishi.

Which is Safer?

Toyota is safer than Mitsubishi. Because Toyota has earned more safety ratings for its various models. Toyota has safety features such as ADAS and Safety Sense Suite technology.

What’s cheaper?

Mitsubishi is cheaper than Toyota. Toyota has far better features than Mitsubishi but the cost is the only thing in which it lagged behind Mitsubishi.

Engine Comparison Chart

Horsepower RPM4,800 rpm6,500 rpm
Torque RPM1600 rpm4,200 rpm
EPA Highway Fuel Economy2530
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Toyota has far better and more accessible spare parts and service stations globally. Toyota also offers competitive warranty options.


When we look at the Mitsubishi vs Toyota comparison, they show unique features. If you are thinking of an automobile with a low price then you should choose Mitsubishi. Go for Toyota if quality is more important to you than price. But you should keep in mind that the automobile industry focuses on change and revolution. Automobile models are upgraded and updated after every few years.

Is Mitsubishi as reliable as Toyota?

Toyota is more reliable than Mitsubishi. However, this situation varies with some of its models. Toyota is known for its products such as compact cars, hybrids, electric models, and luxury vehicles. In comparison to this Mitsubishi offers SUVs, trucks, and cars.

Are Mitsubishi cars better than Toyota?

No, Mitsubishi has one feature that ranks it upper than Toyota. This feature is its value for money. But overall Toyota performs far better than Mitsubishi.

Which Japanese brand is most reliable?

Toyota is the most reliable Japanese brand because of its service stations. It is known for its accessibility and reliability. Toyota has made its global presence mandatory.

Is Mitsubishi a fast car?

155 mph is the top speed of the Mitsubishi Evolution X. With such a high speed record Mitsubishi is hard to beat by any of its competitors.

Are Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota Highlander are same cars?

No, the mitsubishi outlander and toyota highlander are not the same. If you compare the mitsubishi outlander vs toyota highlander, the Outlander comes with better fuel coverage while Highlander has more power.

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