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According to Reddit, the oldest and most successful car companies in the industry are Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, respectively. More than four million automobiles are manufactured each year at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Frankfurt, Germany. Mercedes-Benz additionally produces vans and other business vehicles in addition to passenger cars.

Even though Toyota is likewise a dependable Japanese company and produces more automobiles annually than Mercedes Benz does, Mercedes Benz is superior to Toyota because Mercedes Benz maintains operations in foreign markets and produces high-quality automobiles. The maintenance expenses of Toyota vehicles are among the lowest in the industry, making them ideal for the typical consumer.

Mercedes vs Toyota Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonMercedesToyota
Price Range$57,450$27,650
Engine Options1.5-litre Turbo Petrol Engine4 Cylinders, Gasoline-Hybrid
Horsepower255 hp202 hp
Torque20300 Nm@1800-4000 rpm221 Nm@3600-5200 rpm
MPG Rating719

Is Mercedes or Toyota better? 

When compared to the Toyota Camry, the basic engine speed of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is superior to that of the Toyota Camry. This advantage can be seen when contrasting the two vehicles. The Toyota Camry has the benefit when it pertains to the new automobile base cost, the normal shorter range of buying for about one to five-year-old older automobiles, and inside the volume.

Hybrid car base pricing often falls in the region of around $30,000 to $35,000. There is no difference in the overall quality metrics between the Mercedes-Benz C-Class as well as the Toyota Camry. Mercedes C300 vs Toyota Camry,

Based on this comparison between the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Toyota Camry, it can be concluded that the Toyota Camry is a superior automobile than that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Engine Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonMercedesToyota
Horsepower255 hp202 hp
Torque20300 Nm@1800-4000 rpm221 Nm@3600-5200 rpm
City MPG1719
Highway MPG1921
Fuel Tank Capacity66.0 litre65.0 litre

Benz and Toyota, which is faster? The 2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has higher performance. The engine that powers it has 255 hp 4 cylinders, whereas the one that powers the  2023 Toyota Camry only has 202 hp 4 cylinders at its disposal. The Mercedes also comes equipped with a little higher torque capacity than the Toyota Camry.

Size & Dimensions

Parameter of Comparison Mercedes Toyota
Headroom (front/rear) 37.1 in 38.3
Legroom (front/rear) 41.7 in 42
Shoulder Room (front/rear) 55.2-inches 54

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class gets 6.6 liters per 100 km, making it the most fuel-efficient vehicle in its class; the vehicle with the greatest gas mileage has an intake of 7 liters per 100 kilometers. With an anticipated city mileage of 54 miles per gallon and a motorway mileage of 133 miles per gallon, the Toyota Hybrid provides the least fuel-efficient car that Toyota offers for the 2021 model year.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Mercedes & Toyota maintenance cost, when contrasted to maintenance for vehicles made by any other automaker, the cost of repairing the car body of a Toyota is far lower. T  the cost of Toyota replacements and servicing is around $441 every year, but the cost of Mercedes replacements and servicing is between $650 and $1,100 yearly.

Reliability Comparison

Mercedes & Toyota reliability, According to the results of a yearly survey conducted that was predicated on more than 300,000 automobiles from the car models 2000-2022, a publisher that advocates for customers postulated that Toyota, as well as Lexus, are the most dependable brand names for 2023, whereas Mercedes-Benz was ranked as the slightest reliable of the twenty-four automakers that were evaluated.


Even though Toyota is the largest automotive manufacturer in the world nowadays, its showpiece models, like the Toyota century, are only available in local regions. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz is the industry standard bearer whenever it comes to supplying S-class automobiles in every region of the world.

As a result, Toyota employs its other brands, such as Lexus and Gazoo Racing, to engage in direct competition with Mercedes Benz on even a worldwide scale. A first-of-its-kind car’s rear airbags that are situated mostly on the backside of the primary seats is one of the safety innovations that helps the S class establish a new standard.

What is the difference between Toyota and Mercedes?

However, there are a few Toyota designs that are considered luxury automobiles and target a wealthy and well-to-do marketing strategy. Toyota vs Mercedes net worth, Mercedes produces automobiles that are for upper middle category individuals and sophisticated, while Toyota’s automobiles are based on gas mileage and are intended for those in the lesser and medium classes even though they are more affordable.

Is Toyota better than Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, Toyota is a significantly better option than Mercedes, both in terms of quality and cost. Lexus vs Mercedes, the Lexus which is manufactured by Toyota and ranks first among luxury automobile brands, is regarded as the most dependable luxury brand overall.

Mercedes vs BMW, Mercedes is more well-known and has a higher image since it has been sold in Western nations for a longer period.

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