LS3 vs LT1 | Which is Better?

If we were to evaluate the LS to an LT engine in aspects of its structure, we would find that the LS3 motor is constructed entirely out of aluminium. The same may be said for the more recent LT1 Generation V. Although keeping the same bore size of 4.40 inches and capacity of 6.2 litres, the engine has been redesigned.

The LT1 Gen V’s valve has been updated with new cylinder heads, a new tri-lobe crankshaft, and a new pistons design. Additionally, the camshaft itself has been redesigned. In conjunction with the brand-new increased oil flow, the above engine can inject more gasoline into its cylinders, and as a result, it can produce greater levels of horsepower.

LS engines are more readily available in the immediate area than LT engines are. If this is the case, locating an LS1 engine should be simpler. It has been present since then the LS3, which itself is currently only offered mostly on the 2017-2021 Corvette Camaro SS as well as the 2015-2020 Chevrolet Corvette C7.

LS3 vs Lt1 Quick Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonLS3Lt1
Engine Options6.2-liters6.2-liters
Max. Horsepower426-430455-460
Max. Torque576 Nm623 Nm
Head MaterialAluminumAluminum
Block MaterialAluminumAluminum
Bore Size4.065-inches4.065-inches

Is LS3 or Lt1 better?

LS3 & LT1 Camaro, whether we’re speaking about actual power delivered by each litre of engine capacity, then the modern LT1 delivers more. The more modern V8 engine can produce around 30 more hp while operating within the same engine speed range. If you want greater power without depending excessively on electronic fuel injection, then this will be a very important consideration for you to make.

When compared to the LS3, the compression ratio of the LT1 is superior. LT1 vs LS3 head flow implies that the parts of the latter are put under greater levels of pressure, and if anything goes incorrect, engine knocking is more than likely to occur.

As a result, the combustion process becomes more efficient. When used in conjunction with the variable valve timing, this may indicate that the more recent LT1 is much more fuel-efficient than the LS3.

Engine Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonLS3Lt1
Max. Horsepower426-430455-460
Max. Torque576 Nm623 Nm
Compression Ratio10.7:111.5:1
Fuel Injector Flow42 lbs./hr. at 58 psi123 lbs./hr. (2,205 max psi)
Fuel Injector Length (between O-Rings)1.5 in.1.7 in.
Crankshaft Main Journal2.559 in.2.659 in.

LS3 & LT1 Corvette, when compared to the LT1 engine, only produces 408 hp and 400 lbs of torque, while the LS3 engine produces 627 hp and 556 lbs of torque. In contrast to the LT1, which has a 4.2-litre V8 and a port fuel injection system, the LS3 has a 3.0-litre V6 engine with direct injection.

Size & Dimensions

Parameter of Comparison LS3 Lt1
Bore Dia 4.065 in. 4.065 in.
Stroke 3.622 in. 3.622 in.
Deck Height 9.240 in. 9.240 in.

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

This makes it possible for the LT1 Gen. V to produce a greater amount of both torque and hp as a result. Additionally, it improves the overall efficiency of the combustion process. When used in conjunction with the variable valve timing, this may indicate that the more recent LT1 is much more fuel-efficient than the LS3.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

During the first ten years of its life, the costs for replacements and servicing for LS3 will result in a total of around $9,136. During the first ten years of its life, the cost of replacements and servicing for LT1 will average out to around $7,516.

Reliability Comparison

LS3 & LT1 reliability, It is anticipated that the 2024 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 will have a dependability rating of 80 out of a possible 100. The LS3 engine is very powerful despite its small size and low weight. The best part is that experts who know it thoroughly and out can get a significant amount of power from it while still ensuring that it is dependable.


The compression ratio of the LT1 is superior to that of the LS3 when compared to both of these engines. When taking into consideration the variable valve timing, this may suggest that the more current LT1 is much more fuel-efficient than the LS3.

LT1 vs LS3 swap, This modification to the LT1’s reverse-cooling arrangement, which made it possible for the coolant to always reach the exhaust manifolds, was a significant accomplishment for its time. Given its antiquity, we have a great deal of admiration for the fact that it is a consideration for a significant number of enthusiasts in our current time.

What’s better LS1 or LS3?

When comparing the LS1 and the LS3, the LS3 is the superior option if you have the financial means to pay the higher price tag associated with it. Nevertheless, the LS1 continues to be a fantastic engine, even if you are operating with a limited budget. With the money you save, you could have a little bit left over for some LS1 modifications to get its performance near to that of the 6.2L engine.

Is LT better than LS engine?

lLS3 & LT1 Dyno, Because of the gusseted cooling coils, the LT engine has a design that is more durable than that of the LS engine. One of the reasons why the LT aluminium block can safely handle up to 900 hp, while the L8T metal blocks should always be safe somewhere in the region of 1,200 hp, is because of this.

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