LS3 vs LS2 Engine | Which is Better?

The capacity is the initial thing that stands out as being different among the two distinct types of engines that are available. When compared to the LS2, which had a capacity of 6 liters, the LS3, which has a capacity of 6.2 liters, is much larger.

While LS2 and LS3 are two separate models that were launched at various periods, there will be a notable discrepancy between them in terms of their differences. Both kinds of motors ls2 vs ls3 horsepower have little impact on the surrounding ecosystem and provide exceptional performance.

When you combine the heads of an LS3 as well as an LS2, the resulting output is over 20w horsepower. In comparison to the LS2 engine, the LS3 engine will provide increased motor flow as well as horsepower. In contrast to this, the barrel size is another distinction that can be noted among the LS3 and even the LS2.

That motor has a barrel that measures 4,000 inches when it is equipped with an LS2 whereas the LS3 version has a barrel that measures 4,065. A difference of 0.65″ will have a distinct influence on the amount of gasoline that flows into the cylinder ls2 or ls3 for boost.

In addition to the differential in the cylinder, the LS3 and even the LS2 have a variety of additional distinctions, such as the injectors, the air handling unit, the compressor, and so on.

LS3 vs LS2 Comparison Chart

Parameter of Comparisonls3ls2
Price Range$9,950$6,950
Compression ratio10.7:110.9:1
Horsepower426-436 horsepower390-395 horsepower
Torque420-428 ft/Lbs400ft/Lbs
Combustion chamber volume68.7cc65cc.
Cylinder diameter4.065″ (103.25 mm)4.00 inches (101.6 mm)

Is LS2 or LS3 better?

In terms of both its design and its efficiency, the LS3 is a marginal step forward over its predecessor, the LS2. The bore size of the LS2 is 101.6 millimeters, whereas the bore size of the LS3 is 103.25 millimeters. The difference between these two engines in terms of horsepower is a direct result of this distinction.

When the LS3 has an additional 30 horsepower, or 36 horsepower when combined with the HSV, the engine operates more smoothly and effectively. Lane shark ls2 vs ls3 when compared to the LS2, the LS3 has a bigger barrel, which increases elevation. This is the primary difference between the two models.

Comparing the LS1 to the LS2, the argument may be made that the latter engine is superior.C6 ls2 vs ls3, the LS3 has greater potential and produces better horsepower than an LS2 does.

Engine Comparison Chart

Parameter of Comparisonls3ls2
Horsepower426-436 horsepower390-395 horsepower
Torque420-428 ft/Lbs400ft/Lbs
Capacity6.2L / 376 cu / in6.0L (5,967 L) / 364.1 cu/in
Travel3.62″ (92mm)3.62″ (92mm)

The manufacturer increased the gear ratio from 26x to 56x, and also increased the gear ratio of the camshaft belt from 1x to 4x. Because of this enhancement, the term “LS2” has become more well-known in the field of automobile technology.

Ls3 engine vs ls2, the LS3 is the third version of the LS engine family, and much like its predecessor, the LS2, it offers exceptional levels of stability in comparison to other products now available.

Even though it first hit the market in 2008, ls3 & ls2 throttle body several automakers continue to find the LS3 to be the ideal solution for their products. It has excellent results and has the capability of generating 430 horsepower.

Size & Dimensions

Parameter of Comparison ls3 ls2
Displacement 6.2L / 376 c.i.d. 6.0L / 364 c.i.d.
Bore Dia 4.065 in. 2.751 in
Deck Height 9.240 in. 9.240 in

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

In the city, you can anticipate getting anything from 14 to 17 miles per gallon on average. This T-56 six’s typical speed ranges from the mid-nineteen to the low thirties while it’s driving on the highway. Under the same road conditions, an LS2 may use somewhat less gasoline.

On the open road, you should anticipate the same kind of decrease. Even though only driven 800 kilometres,  managed to obtain between 17 and 20 miles per gallon while driving on the highway. On a cruise, the instant averages of ls3 & ls2 heads between 4 and 12 litres per hundred.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

It is possible to spend anything between $405 to $1400 annually on the maintenance of an LS3, based on how frequently you drove and how carefully you take care of the vehicle. The yearly maintenance of the LS2 is estimated to require an average of $295.

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Reliability Comparison

There is no doubt at all because the LS2 & LS3 both seem to be outstanding engines; nevertheless, each succeeding version in the LS engine family has advancements over the one that came before it. The bore size of the LS2 is 101.6 millimetres, while the LS3 is 103.25 millimetres.

This not only helps with giving the extra 30 horsepower acquired with the LS3 but it also helps the engine’s extra rev-happy s3 vs ls2 corvette at the same moment, which is a significant benefit.


With any luck, this information can shed some light on the differences between the LS2 and LS3 motor families for you. The LS3 will have improved operability and efficiency because of these two engine streams, making it superior to the LS2.

The design of the details also plays a role in the fact that the LS3 engine can perform better in terms of both efficiency and power than its predecessor, the LS2. The LS3 engine family has the highest price tag. Because the components found inside the engines have been updated to better suit the requirements of modern automobile models.

Is the LS3 the best LS engine?

Even though every single engine in the LS series produced by General Motors has shown that it is an exceptionally well-rounded package, many of the variants are recognized for having their own set of distinguishing characteristics.

For example, many people believe that the LS3 is the greatest daily-use version of the LS motor family.

What’s the difference between LS1 LS2 and LS3?

The cylinder heads of the LS1 have the top of a characteristic cathedral, but the cylinder heads of the LS2 & LS3 have genuine flat tops and rectangular shapes, respectively. The shape of the engine components, the amount of capacity, the accelerator body, and even the ls2 vs ls3 intake are all different, which results in a unique higher compression.

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