Ford Explorer vs Dodge Durango | Which is Better?

The V-8 Dodge weighs 652 pounds over the Ford, which also means therefore even though it has an edge in power output of 75 horsepower and 55 pound-feet, the load that each of its horsepowers must carry is just 0.6 pounds less. This is because the V-8 Dodge contains 652 pounds higher than the Ford.

In addition to this, Ford’s twin-turbo V-6 has the additional pressure of two additional automatic gearbox gears. We thus anticipated that the two vehicles would compete in a tight race; nevertheless, the Durango leaped out to a lead of 0.3 seconds at 30 km / h, and the margin only expanded from there, eventually concluding at 1.7 secs at 100 mph.

The 0 to 60 mark was reached in 4.6 secs by the Dodge, while it took 5.3 secs for the Ford. The 1⁄4 mile was completed in 13.3 secs for the Dodge Durango at 103.5 mph, while it took 13.9 secs therefore for Ford Explorer to reach 99.9 mph.

Ford Explorer vs Dodge Durango Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonFord ExplorerDodge Durango
Price Range$37,005$40,090
Engine Options2.3L I4 Turbo3.6L V6
Horsepower300 hp293 hp
Torque310 lb-ft260 lb-ft
MPG Rating2321

Is Ford Explorer or Dodge Durango better?

Dodge Durango rt vs ford explorer st, when comparing comprehensive SUVs, the Dodge Durango 2021 and the Ford Explorer 2021 are two excellent options to consider as rivals. There are a lot of significant differences between the two vehicles, however, the Durango is the superior option since it has a higher maximum load capacity, more performance, and a more enjoyable driving style.

The Dodge and the Ford are both wonderful vehicles to ride in. The Explorer has a four-cylinder engine, which allows it to be more fuel efficient, but the Durango has an eight-cylinder engine, which focuses on having greater raw power and being more reliable.

The decision between the two isn’t a simple one, but we think Durango is the better option because of its adaptability. Dodge Durango vs ford expedition, not only does the Ford Expedition have a substantially higher maximum towing capacity, yet it also offers a more pleasant drive and has a considerably bigger internal capacity.

Engine Comparison Chart

Parameter of ComparisonFord ExplorerDodge Durango
Horsepower300 hp293 hp
Torque310 lb-ft260 lb-ft
City MPG12321
Highway MPG12725
Combined MPG12421
Fuel Tank Capacity17.9 gal24.6 gal

The Ford Explorer is superior to the competition in terms of its performance. The engine that powers it has 300 horsepower, whereas the one that powers the Dodge Durango has 293 horsepower at its disposal. The Ford Explorer also comes equipped with a little higher torque capacity than the Dodge Durango does.

Size & Dimensions

Parameter of Comparison Ford Explorer Dodge Durango
Headroom (front/rear) 40.7 in 39.9 in
Legroom (front/rear) 43 in 40.3 in
Shoulder Room (front/rear) 61.8 in 58.5 in

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

When looking for a manufacturer of full-size Suvs, one of the primary important considerations to make is how much gas economy the vehicle gets. Even though it gets somewhat lower mileage per gallon in the town is 21 mpg and on the motorway is 25 mpg.

While the Ford Explorer is 23 mpg in the town and 27 mpg on the motorway, the Dodge Durango is a considerably bigger fuel tank, thus it has to be refilled significantly less often.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

The Ford Explorer has annual auto maintenance expenditures that add up to a total of $4,028. The Dodge Durango involves annual maintenance fees that add up to a total of $3,527.When compared to other SUVs, the Dodge Durango does have a significantly more affordable price of ownership in terms of its maintenance.

Reliability Comparison

Comparing Dodge Durango vs ford explorer reliability and the performance characteristics of the basic trims of the 2021 Dodge Durango with the Ford Explorer reveals that there is some variance between the two vehicles, which may influence consumers shopping in Laveen toward the 2021 Dodge Durango.

Ford explorer & dodge Durango towing capacity, the Durango is a single vehicle that offers a V8 engine, which gives motorists the capability to ascend steep gradients and achieve a load capacity of 8,800 pounds. The V8 motor is only accessible in the Durango. When compared to the maximum carrying capability of merely 5,600 pounds that the Ford Explorer is capable of, this is a substantial improvement.


2023 dodge Durango a family of six with a reasonable amount of disposable income that is searching for a sportier commute to their lake home or to drastically up their rideshare game will discover that the Durango is an appealing option to consider.

Its imposing V-8 all-wheel-drive powerplant is only too willing to provide the confidence that is communicated by its enormous ventilated and rounded bonnet, huge tires, and red Brembo brake pads.

It also appears to be more luxurious in all 3 rows, and while the platform’s increasing age, Dodge has managed to keep it up to date with the most recent version of the Uconnect 4, entertainment system and the majority of the most recent driver assist functions that are now available.

Which has more room Durango or Explorer?

Is the Dodge Durango bigger than the ford explorer? The luggage area behind the 3rd row of seats inside the Durango is just 17.2 cubic feet, but it expands to 85.1 cubic feet when all three seats are folded down. In comparison, the Explorer has 18.2 cubic feet of luggage space behind the 3rd row of seats. SXT, GT, and SRT are models of dodge Durango.

What SUV is better than Durango?

The 2024 Kia Telluride continues to be at the top of the list when it comes to shopping for family SUVs because of its stunning aesthetics, excellent spaciousness, many options, and lengthy insurance of dodge Durango police vs ford explorer. The crossover SUV version of the 2024 Mazda CX-9 offers limited room in the third line and the luggage area, but it boasts excellent driving manners.

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