BMW X5 vs Acura MDX | Which is Better?

BMW X5 is a sporty performance with the latest technologies that provide an informative system. While Acura MDX is another model car with better comfort and comparable technology. Acura MDX and BMW X5 are luxury SUV that provides comfort and reliability with interior and technology updates.

The cars are equipped with the latest technology and have much better passenger seating arrangements, which can keep better and more comfortable seating. The technologies changing cars from manual to electric provide a comfortable ride to the customers.

BMW X5 vs Acura MDX Chart

Car Acura mdxbmw x5
Starting Price$49,550
Horsepower RPM6200 5500
Torque RPM47001500
Gear NumberAutomatic w/OD
Automatic w/OD
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length5 year7 year

There are different model cars, BMW X5 and Acura MDX. The cars have better comparison and provide different specifications. The specifications are based on comfort, convenience, and other dimensions.

BMW X5 is better at handling tight spots, while the same goes with the Acura MDX. Both cars have the same dimensions and have the same handling capacity. While in terms of performance, both vehicles can pull heavy loads. The Acura MDX has less horsepower than BMW X5. While both cars provide better performance in terms of handling the long distance and engine performance

Among all other factors, comfort and reliability are the other main factors that provide a better comparison between both cars. Acura MDX offers more comfort to the passengers, and the same as for BMW X5 passengers. The headroom and legroom seat comfort is similar.

Engine Comparison Chart

Car Acura mdxbmw x5
Horsepower RPM62005500
Torque RPM47001500
EPA Highway Fuel Economy19 MPG21 MPG
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

While comparing the cars in the battery configuration, there are different aspects regarding both vehicles. Acura MDX has a traditional combustion engine but does not have a dedicated battery system. A 12-volt battery manages the lighting system.

On the other hand, BMW X5 has multiple powertrain options, such as traditional gasoline and diesel engine. The car model has a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack that provides electric power to the motor and engine.

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

There is no problem linked to fuel consumption. Both cars are electric and have fuel efficiency depending on the front-wheel drive or the rear while driving. The estimated fuel is around 25-27 mpg on the highways.

Various engine options are available for BMW X5, including gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrids. The fuel consumption depends on the specific engine, and the fuel capacity differs in the cities and highways. Overall the consumer can switch to different variants.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

The maintenance cost of both cars varies and depends on various factors. It may include different comparisons, which may include:

Routine Maintenance

The maintenance cost is linked to several factors. The factors can vary, but routine maintenance is the one that is normally linked with everyday costs. Both cars’ routine cost is much higher due to their electric technology and luxury counterparts. Routine services include oil changes, filter replacements, and other inspections.

Labor Costs

The labor costs of any vehicle mainly depend on the parts that need to be changed and the system’s overall structure. The labor costs of both car models depend primarily on the type of work associated with the repair.

Reliability Comparison

Acura MDX is much known for its lower maintenance costs. But it provides much reliability and affordability in terms of maintenance and repairs; the vehicle is best known for its performance and luxury features and is influenced by different service intervals. Various factors influence cars’ reliability, including regular maintenance and driving habits.

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Size & Dimensions

Vehicle Acura mdxbmw x5
Headroom (front/rear)38.5
Legroom (front/rear)41.6
Shoulder Room (front/rear)61.9


In summary, if we consider both cars, the comparison is based on different specifications. BMW X5 has luxury performance and advanced technology. On the other hand, Acura MDX has more comfort and reliability and focuses much on the technology updates in the car models. The choice depends on the customer, but still, both model cars are better in the technology and engaging driving performances.

Is Acura MDX bigger than BMW X5?

The Acura MDX is of the same width as BMW X5. It is not always the bigger one that is better; it depends on the specifications and features.

Which BMW compares to Acura MDX?

There are different models, and each model has its comparison. The comparison is based on other specifications.

Which is better, Acura or BMW?

Acura model has a top safety rating while BMW is less comparable in this range. The top one is Acura for the safety measures.

Is MDX a smooth ride?

MDX provides a safe and complete ride with comfortable seating and passenger luxury.

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