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The Volkswagen Corporation, of whom Audi is a member, likewise includes such prestige brands as Carrera, Bentley, Maserati, and Bugatti. BMW shares both Rolls-Royce and Compact. That way, Audi can save money using the same parts across each of its trademarks. For example, the Audi A3 and VW Golf share a base and drivetrains, whereas the Audi Q7 and Porsche Carrera have a lot in common mechanically.

Despite this, BMW provides more options when it comes to locomotives and hybridization drivetrains. The lineup and the X5 continue to benefit from the widespread use of innovations such as the distinctive orthodox six-cylinder powertrain that is both sleek and powerful. Additionally to its orthodox four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and eight-cylinder cylinders, BMW now offers a 6.6-litre V12 that produces 600 horsepower in its M760i sedan.

Audi vs BMW Comparison chart 

WarrantyFour years of 50,000n milesFour years of 40,000 miles
Complimentary maintenance3 years of 36,000 milesNone
J.D power band reliability123 pp 100146 pp 200

Which car is better: BMW or AUDI?

The topic should have seemed trivial to address a decade ago. If you valued efficiency and comfort while travelling, a BMW was your only option. Audi was the brand of choice for those who needed the added grip that all-wheel driving technology provides regardless of the icy environment in which they reside.

This, however, is no longer a simple matter. These days’ Audis are fantastic automobiles to handle. Strength and responsiveness characterise them. You can have some fun behind the wheel of one of them since they are responsive and easy to manoeuvre.

BMW has also invested heavily in all-wheel driving equipment, which is now standard on every one of its cars and, of necessity, SUVs. Interior appearance was another area in which Audi used to excel above BMW, although that edge has now evaporated. Even yet, BMW gets the nod as the superior brand.

The company has stuck with rear driving design across the board because it offers superior balancing, quicker responses, and more agile performance compared to Audi’s front-wheel-drive layout. Audi’s sedans and the well-acclaimed Q5 are built on front-wheel-drive underpinnings, which typically relocate the car’s powertrain farther coalition in the car’s chassis.

As a consequence, the automobile has worse steering and a slower reaction since much of its mass is concentrated over the front tires. Let there be no confusion. Audis aren’t unwilling to deliver, but they lack the precision construction of BMWs and tune for explosive performance. This clearly describes Audi & BMW which is a better factor.

Which is safer?

People had always been curious about Audi & BMW sedan’s safety, hence healthcare costs may be reduced by purchasing a vehicle with added safety measures, and the savings may be supplemented by the vehicle’s simple maneuverability. Longevity guarantees that an automobile is reduced prone to breakdown down, minimizing on-road danger and possible maintenance expenses.

It would come as no wonder that either of them premium manufacturers emphasizes protection to keep their clients satisfied. Audi’s Pre Sensing Package and BMW’s Proactive Defense are two of the several capabilities available on their respective vehicle lines. Both manufacturers often include safety features like blind-spot screens and lane incursion alerts.

Other amenities included autopilot, driving help, and hill-start facilitation. Additionally, these manufacturers have earned a slew of safety-related honors, with Audi’s A6 version being named the 2021 Top Defensive Pick by the Automobile Academy for Transport Research. BMW has achieved the Superior Protection Choice for its 2020 BMW X3 Model.

Maintenance cost comparison 

The research shows that BMWs and Audis are two of the highest costly makes to maintain throughout the initial decade of their existence. BMWs, on the other hand, have the unenviable position of becoming the worst of the worst. Interesting, considering that BMWs typically include cheap oil and filtration adjustments for the initial three years or 36,000 miles.

The purchase cost of an Audi does not incorporate scheduled servicing. BMWs have the highest servicing expenditures of any major brand, averaging $17,800 in the first decade of ownership. Even while Audi’s results are more respectable, they are nonetheless humiliating.

The median cost of insurance for an Audi throughout the first decade of possession is $12,400. Furthermore, maintenance costs depend on the way of driving.

What’s cheaper, BMW or Audi?

Because BMW provides so many different variants, it’s difficult to do direct pricing comparisons between BMW and Audi vehicles, but on average, Audis are less expensive than their BMW competitors.

We’ve included each Audi and BMW model together with its starting pricing, excluding the mandatory but often approximately $1,000 transportation charge, so you can easily compare whichever versions are relatively inexpensive. For the price, Audi starts from $30,000 and BMW starts from $37000.

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Is Audi as luxurious as BMW?

What makes a car luxurious is the interior of the car, While either Audi or BMW are recognised as premium automakers, Audi has shown itself to be the better choice by consistently delivering cutting-edge innovations at competitive prices. Audi is known for how well they design automobile cabins.

Particular amenities may vary by manufacturer, but you can generally count on a modern interface layout packed with user controls. Metal accents, wooden accents, and plush plastics are all readily available. You may choose a vehicle with standard cloth seats or change to leather upholstery if you so choose.

BMW models have distinct visual and functional distinctions. As was previously said, BMW places a premium on providing a satisfying driving sensation and performance on the highway. Their vehicles’ interiors aren’t quite as plush as those of Audis, even though the components utilised in their manufacture are on par with Audi’s.

BMW 4 Series vs Audi A4 comparison

Starting price$30,000$37,000
Engine capacity1998 cc2000 cc
Horsepower rpm5200 rpm5200 rpm
Torque rpm1800 rpm1500 rpm
Gear number99
Blind spot systemMonitormonitor
Rust warranty length8 year12 year

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Are BMW cars supercharged?

All BMW motors are supercharged, a technology that harnesses the heat from the emissions to generate a compressor and inject high-pressure, combustible airflow into the combustion chamber, significantly boosting motor output at the expense of very little energy consumption. Even though Audi employs fuel injection systems frequently, the Q7 makes use of its turbocharged V6 engine.

Both owners on quora have stated their experiences and differentiations among them. BMW also gives consumers additional outlets throughout the country than Audi. BMW’s 341 US locations much outnumber Audi’s paltry 220. This might make it a little simpler to discover a BMW dealership nearby your house, particularly if you reside on the outskirts.

You could have a better time negotiating the conditions of the purchase and finding the specific BMW vehicle you want in the dealership’s inventories. Consider this not just at the time of purchase, but also for future servicing and maintenance. It’s not efficient to waste time and gas going to a far-off dealership for maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more reliable, BMW or Audi?

Audi vs BMW’s reliability is the highest, both BMW and Audi are reputable vehicles, but Audi has the upper hand due to its superior security and insurance offerings. BMW’s “optimal operating experience”-focused vehicles often outperform Audi’s in this area.

Because Audis’ generally firmer shock absorbers promote a smoother and more pleasant ride, they are significantly less manoeuvrable than BMWs. When it comes to dependability, BMW always comes out on top.

Which one should you go for?

In our 2021 Driving Passion consumer experience poll, Audi ranked 23rd out of 29 companies, behind the likes of BMW and Mercedes. Audi’s insurance is acceptable but not as extensive as that of several other automakers, covering just three years or 60,000 miles.

Is Audi or BMW more sporty?

Each driver’s specs, as reported by, are as regards: Audi: The Audi has strength where the BMW lacks it. Driving an Audi is like riding in a limousine. BMW: BMW automobiles are often stronger and prepared for greater athletic behaviour, prepared for rough and rough road experiences.

Is Audi cheaper to repair?

Owning an Audi is like owning a piece of luxury, but the expense of ownership and maintenance can add up quickly. RepairPal estimates that the median expense of upkeep for an Audi vehicle is $987 per year, which is rough twice the median cost of maintenance for all automobiles in the U.S.

How does the Audi SUV compare to the BMW SUV?

All-wheel driving, velvet interior, and two tiers of seating are optional on the BMW X5, while all features are included in the 2024 Audi Q7. But the X5 is more athletic and faster than the Q7 was in 2018, and it gets greater mileage, too.


BMW excels in road handling, whereas Audi is known for its luxurious cabins. The sum of their benefits, however, cancels out whatever drawbacks they may have in other respects. The best automaker will be the one whose products best fulfil your needs. You should shoot for an Audi if you value convenience and elegance.

BMW is the best brand to choose if you desire a thrilling automotive adventure. Learn more about these high-end businesses by researching things like the price of an Audi A4. When pitted against one another, Audi and BMW are formidable competitors, and picking a victor is no simple task.

Both of these companies are competing for identical consumer dollars, but they’re focusing on distinct characteristics and specifications to do so. While Audi has the edge in design and technology, BMW provides a more refined and sporty riding sensation. While both models score well for security equipment, Audi falls short in the dependability department.

There is not a significant pricing difference comparing the two, but Audi’s dependability problems are reflected in the higher expense of maintenance. Ultimately, both of these automakers are fairly comparable in scope, producing almost identical models that cater to somewhat different demographics. BMW is the way to go if you’re searching for a dynamic yet manageable vehicle. Go for an Audi if they desire understated good looks and cutting-edge features.

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