Audi vs Bmw vs Mercedes | Which is Better?

Most people have strong reactions when they think of the German manufacturers Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Perhaps you evoke an air of sophistication. You could also consider the manufacturers’ lengthy histories or their emphasis on excellence overabundance. Perhaps you fantasize about driving in the lap of grandeur.

And whatever comes to mind, you can’t dispute that those are shared characteristics of the two companies in question. Audi joined the premium market later than its competitors. The company’s distinctive four-ring emblem stems from its founding in 1932 as Auto United, a merger of four separate producers. As early as the 1960s, the Volkswagen Company acquired Audi.

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes chart 

Warranty50,000 mile45,000 miles55,000 miles
Complimentary maintenance2 years3 years2 years
Power band reliability123 pp 100111 pp 100132 pp 100

Which is better: Audi, BMW, or Mercedes?

Despite the reality that the three producers have converged in several respects throughout the years, they nonetheless have their respective individual identities and special features. A Mercedes is a good choice for consumers who value comfort and prestige, whereas a BMW is a better choice for those who value fun behind the wheel.

Audi strikes a balance between the two extremes, offering both a sophisticated look and a wealth of cutting-edge features. In the end, it’s up to the client to decide which of these three stands out from the others because of its remarkable qualities. But suppose you are the kind of automobile buyer who sets a premium on a pleasurable driving experience.

Assuming this is the situation, a BMW is a way to go. When it comes to “exciting and entertaining,” BMW is a company that raises the bar. Despite all things, they desire the device to be user-friendly and adaptable in its architecture. Hence making no doubts over BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes reliability.

If you value security in tandem with velocity and strength, though, a Mercedes is a great choice to investigate. An expensive Mercedes is the ultimate symbol of success and self-expression. The mechanical performance of their vehicles is commensurate with their rigorous standards; for example, their automobiles often have powerful machines that could get up to move rapidly.

BMW series 7 vs Mercedes C-class vs Audi A6 comparison

Starting price$37,000$35,000$31,000
Engine capacity2000 cc1998 cc1800 cc
HP torque5200 rpm5200 rpm5200 rpm
Gear number1800 rpm1500 rpm1800 rpm
Blind spot system999
Rusty warranty lengthMonitormonitorNot available

Which is safer?

To begin, Audi cars may be relied upon in a variety of climates because of their standard all-wheel driving. Due in part to a typically firmer chassis, Audi’s on-road performance is not as nimble as that of the BMW.

Nonetheless, Audi has among the best security scores. Both the 2017 and 2019 A4 variants received the maximum possible rating of five ratings from the American Automobile Transport Protection Association for their research performance. When comparing Audi with BMW, you can count on quick and nimble execution from the latter.

BMWs, especially recent versions with the all-wheel-drive alternative, are fantastic to operate in wintry circumstances. To round up the list, Mercedes-Benz is available with all-wheel driving on most variants. Mercedes prioritizes safety above anything else.

They were so far ahead of the curve on automotive protection in the 1950s that even contributed to the invention of “crumple zones.” Reduced crash energy throughout an accident makes this safety mechanism more effective.

Maintenance cost comparison

All three brands’ maintenance cost is one leading factor affecting sales. Repairing an Audi will cost you the highest of any manufacturer. Once again, Audi has the lowest median price at £182.94.

Our graphic shows that Mercedes-Benz is the overwhelming victor whenever it relates to price, coming in 24 percentage points fewer than Audi and 20 percentage points cheaper than BMW. Whenever pitted against each other, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Audi A4, the Audi A4 is much higher costly, by 39 percent.

Compared to the BMW 3-Series, which is 28% lower, the Audi A4 doesn’t do any differently.

Audi owners need not despair, however. Cambelt replacement costs £369.92 for an Audi, but they run £475.54 and £826.22 for the Mercedes-Benz and BMW, respectively, both of which employ synchronisation chains devoid of cambelts and are therefore more dependable but also more costly to update.

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What’s cheaper, BMW, Audi, or Mercedes?

Audis have the most affordable prices for electrical and battery repairs and handling and adjustment adjustments. In contrast, Mercedes-Benz electronics and battery repairs are the highest costly, costing 17 percent higher than Audi.

Which is more reliable: Mercedes or BMW or Audi?

However, Audi continues to be the most problematic manufacturer and the most expensive to repair. Six years is a significant enough time frame to see some changes take place. As vehicles age, wear and tear increases and, maybe, so does the number of owners, especially for Audi, BMW & Mercedes SUVs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audi as luxurious as BMW?

While both Audi and BMW are recognized as premium automakers, Audi has shown itself to be the better choice by consistently delivering cutting-edge innovations at competitive prices. There’s no denying the longevity of any of these three labels. That background often goes back decades.

The Mercedes-Benz company launched in 1884, making it the pioneering automobile. Audi debuted in 1909, and BMW did so in 1916. Whenever it relates to the internal design of its vehicles, Audi is known for its commitment to luxury. No car feature is too little to evade Audi’s commitment to precision.

Is Benz better than BMW?

The 2018 automobiles from the world’s best-known automakers were analyzed in the J.D. Watson 2021 Vehicle Quality and reliability Study, which recorded the frequency of faults per 100 cars. With 108 problems total, BMW ranked 11th. In the rankings, Mercedes-Benz came in at number 15. So it’s competitive, but BMW seems to become the more trustworthy option.

Which is more classy, BMW or Audi?

Both cars have comfortable interiors, although the Audi has a few more modern touches. The BMW’s refined, understated elegance is sure to be a hit with fans of refined interiors. Nonetheless, the inside of the Audi is far more up-to-date and stylish. Audi is the premium manufacturer to choose from if you value being technologically current.

Is Benz more luxurious than BMW?

The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is a top-tier big premium car, yet BMW is the industry leader. If you’re shopping for a car but also care about convenience, you should prefer a BMW.

Why is Audi better than Mercedes?

While both Audi and Mercedes-Benz provide luxurious vehicles, the former is just not as dependable as the latter. Mercedes-Benz automobiles are known for their superior powertrain choices, good fuel economy, and a plethora of convenient amenities.


Once we’ve evaluated the three types, which one would you buy? Is it an Audi, a BMW, or a Mercedes? Whichever one will meet all your specific demands while providing the highest level of comfort and luxury on the road? Well, it’s worth noting that almost all three car companies are dedicated to producing high-quality vehicles.

Consequently, any one of the three options would do if you’re seeking a soft, cushioned ride. BMW is a pure option if you seek a thrilling and enjoyable riding adventure. Mercedes-Benz remains unrivaled in terms of both performance and powertrain strength, not to mention reliability.

Audi has a limited selection of all-electric vehicles available, denoted by the e-Tron brand. The e-Tron, a full-size SUV nearly as large and intimidating as Audi’s Q7 SUV flagship, debuted first. It comes in both conventional and Sporty sedan hatchback forms.

Audi’s third e-Tron generation, the e-Tron GT, is a sleek four-door premium sedan that takes against the Porsche Road and Tesla Pro Models The Q4 e-Tron is an SUV or ‘Sportback’ cabriolet that is both more diminutive and less expensive than the Audi e-Tron.

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