Mercedes vs Lexus | Which is Better?

Mercedes is a brand that has been linked with luxurious cars for almost 100 years. The brand has its name in building technology-advanced, more comfortable luxury vehicles while keeping the standard high from the first day. On the other hand, the next brand that offers its best cars is the Lexus. It’s the best brand that can have good results, reliability and make the best interior cars.

Both brands work with efficient models and performance in their car’s structure. You can get several important categories: performance, reliability, and safety. There are many models with different rankings available in both brands.

Here you can check out the best model brands that are efficient in different aspects. The brands are working on updating their models with the best specifications and car rankings.

Mercedes vs Lexus Chart

Warranty4 years/50,000 miles4 years/70,000 miles
Complimentary Maintenance2 years/20,000 miles1 or 2 years
Power Brand Reliability Score141 pp 100108 pp 100

Now considering which brand is more effective depends on the specifications and aspects like performance, safety, and maintenance costs. Considering the good performance, Mercedes models offer solid handling and a strong range of power trains. Lexus models are also better in performance, but Mercedes is more enhanced in performance stability. Lexus is better at handling the best and most engaging dynamic, smooth ride with comfortable accommodations. The hybrid powertrain is available in the performance cars.

Which one is a better option for interior design when it comes to Mercedes and Lexus? Both brands are better in the interior and have comfortable designs. You can select several options with the best features in different models of cars. Mercedas’ interior is welcoming, with posts comfortable to the surface and supple leather with real wood. There is a list of other features which are included in Mercedes Benz. While Lexus could be better at providing quality interiors and materials. Lexus has a less attractive interior if considering both brands.

The performance is also based on reputation and reliability. Both cars offer better quality and reliability. At the same time, Lexus models are better in quality and reliability. In contrast, Mercedes has fewer reliability scores. Mercedes does not provide the same reliability score as that of Lexus. These cars are better in technology than in consistency of reliability.

Which is Safer?

The brands, including Toyota and Nissan, both are excellent in the standard safety equipment and strong performance. Every brand’s main aim is to maintain excellence in the safety category. You can check out both cars’ safety modules; both provide buyer safety aspects.

Both brands are excellent in providing Safety measures, but the Lexus models are the best. Lexus models came with more safety measures and scored around 9.3 in safety measures. Even some of the models of Lexus earn around 10 more in perfection. Lexus provides luxurious plans, including a Pre-collision system, intelligent high Beam Headlights, and Lane Assistance.

Overall, Lexus is much better at providing safety measures to buyers than Mercedes. But the performances are increasing in each model.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Consider the maintained cost of both brands. The more luxurious the car, the more safety measures are required to maintain the overall structure. Lexus is one step ahead in the maintenance cost with 6 months and 12 months of maintenance services. They offer better factory-trained technical persons with better-scheduled service than Mercedas.

Both brands, including Mercedes and Lexus, offer complimentary scheduled maintenance. The buyers of Lexus are more confident as the brand’s main focus is to provide better maintenance than the other car brands. While on the other hand, Mercedes offers around a 4-year warranty program while Lexus owners provide 6 years plain with around 70,000 miles of coverage. Lexus provides a better warranty in its models.

What’s cheaper, Mercedes or Lexus?

The price is the main factor that is linked with both brands. Every manufacturer tries to keep its price within the range o buyers. If you look over the luxury work of Mercedes, its prices are normally higher due to its interior and well-equipped models with different features.

While Lexus is less than the Mercedes models and offers better prices than the competing models. You can look for better options in Lexus models if considering the prices.

Is Mercedas more luxurious than Lexus?

Mercedes has ranked top on the luxury cars and has a well-made interior with power full engine choices. Mercedes offers more range of choices and has a better interior than other cars. Mercedes is categorized among the luxury cars as the winner that can provide better options than the other cars.

Considering Lexus, its interior is less than Mercedes. Both cars’ interior is comparable, and in both cars, Lexus is better in providing better safety measures while considering low prices. While Mercedes cars are regarded as luxurious cars with higher ranges.

Of all super luxury cars, Mercedes is the better option than the others due to its outstanding performance and interior designs. The posh cabin of Mercedes is well equipped with lounge-like seats and comfortable and convenient features. While Lexus has spacious space but no comfortable features like Mercedes.

Toyota and Nissan Comparison Table

Car2023 Lexus Is4002023 Mercedes w126
Engine Capacity4.0 LVarious engine options
Horsepower260 hp300 hp
Torque300 Ib-ft310-340 Ib-ft
Gear Number44
Blind Spot SystemMonitorMonitor
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length4years4years

Which is more luxurious, Mercedes or Lexus?

Mercedes provide better luxury and interior designs with comfortable seats than Lexus. All models of Mercedes are better in luxury Comfort.

Is Lexus more affordable than Mercedas?

Lexus is better in safety and other measurable specifications. Lexus is better in price and more affordable than luxurious Mercedas items.

What is the warranty period for Mercedes and Lexus?

The warranty period is about 4 years in the Mercedes and Lexus cases.

Is Lexus better quality than Mercedas?

Lexus is better and ranked top in the 28 brands in the reliability category, while Mercedes ranked around 23rd out of 28 brands.

Which Lexus cars are the best?

Lexus cars are better in quality and reliability and offer more comfortable and smooth driving than other cars. It provides fuel efficiency and has a friendly environment.


Mercedes emerges as the winner, with its scores higher than the other cars. The brand has amazing features and an excellent interior that can benefit buyers. If we consider both brands, then there is a close comparison. Lexus is better in safety, while Mercedes amaze buyers with extra luxurious features.

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