BMW X3 vs X5 in 2023 | Which is Better?

Following several other manufacturers, BMW is working to develop a strong array of sport utility vehicles. BMW, despite those other companies, continues to emphasize creating cars that are both athletic and fun to operate. So, it could perhaps be shocking to learn that BMW’s sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are among the most exciting in their classes.

The BMW X3 and X5 are two of the brand’s best-selling sport utility vehicles. The BMW X3 and X5 are the SUVs that best meet the needs of the vast number of consumers because they provide just the right balance of interior room and technology capabilities.

Price Comparison

Compared to the larger and more luxurious X5, the X3 is noticeably cheaper due to being the narrower and more condensed of the two SUVs. Comparatively, the base price of an X5 is $62,595 while the X3 can be had for $46,395.

As per the BMW x3 & x5 reliability, there is a significant price gap of $16,200 between the two SUVs; however, this may be mitigated by selecting a higher-end model and customising its equipment and engine. These BMW SUVs are priced higher than the vast proportion of their European competitors, making them among the highest costly in their classes.

Compared to luxury SUVs from Japan and Korea, the X3 and X5 are prohibitively expensive. The X5’s second-row occupants will have somewhat more room than those in the X3’s, but those in the front seats will appreciate the X3’s increased legroom.

The X3 has more headspace than the X5, at 41.1 inches, vs 40.8 inches in the X5. The X3 has 40.3, whereas the X5 only manages 39.8 inches of rear headroom depending on the BMW x3 & x5 price.

BMW X3 vs BMW X5 Comparison Chart 

Starting price$61,600$45,400
Engine capacity3000 cc2998 cc
Hp rpm5800 rpm5200 rpm
Torque rpm2200 rpm1800 rpm
Gear number99
Blind spot systemMonitorNone
Rust warranty length8 years6 years

Which is better?

Both the X3 and the X5 are equally trustworthy. The X3 is anticipated to get a dependability rating of 3 out of 5 for the 2020 generation season and a customer happiness rating of 3 out of 5. According to Consumers Reviews, the X3 is the fifth-best premium subcompact SUV out of 35 overall models in its class.

The X5 has a projected dependability rating of 3, much like the rest of the market, but a better operator contentment rating of 4. Considering the fact of the BMW x3 & x5 price, the X5 is rated as the best premium midsize SUV by Business Reviews. Just the BMW X5 can accommodate seven passengers comfortably, so choose wisely if that’s how many rows in the back you’ll need. Those third seating may be too cramped for adults, but they’re perfect for kids.

The X5 is a superior choice for customers in the market for a compact SUV since it offers the third column of seating, as well as large luggage space, comfortable back seats, and a powerful additional V8 powertrain. If you don’t need to seat seven passengers, the BMW X3 is a relatively cheap and compact option. Comparatively, the X5 is quite expensive, harder to manoeuvre, and less spacious in the front row, whereas this vehicle checks all of those boxes.

The X3 has the most cargo space in its segment. BMW refreshed the X3 for 2023, rendering it a year or so younger than the X5 thanks to new exterior and interior design as well as improved technology and propulsion systems. You can get to know the BMW x3 & x5 dimensions further in this article.

Engine comparison 

Hp rpm5000 rpm5300 rpm
Torque rpm1800 rpm2000 rpm
start/stop systemYesYes
Highway fuel economy38 MPG36 MPG

Talking about the engine size of these two vehicles, beginning with the number of cylinders which are 4 in number for the BMW x3 and bmw x5 comes with 6 cylinders and of course the Twinpower turbo engine.  For the BMW x3 & x5 engine, size x5 is slightly bigger with the front due to the addition of the powerful engine.

With engine capacity difference of 1000cc, x3 with 1998 cc and x5 with 2998 cc. BMW x5 due to the Steptronic design makes it extremely powerful. Whereas the x3 offers its users AWD and you have to compromise it on the x5.

Size and dimension

Vehicle  x3 x5
Headroom 38 inches 37.1 inches
Legroom 37.5 inches 34.25 inches
Shoulder room 55 inches 54.5 inches

Fuel consumption and car performance 

The RWD sDrive30i, which can get up to 29 miles each litre, is the BMW X3 vehicle with the highest fuel efficiency whereas the x5 offers you up to 21 miles each liter in the city. Customers in the King of Pennsylvania region who desire an SUV with plenty of horsepowers will like the engine options in either the BMW X3 or BMW X5 variants.

Because it is the bigger of the two, the BMW X5 has a 4.4-litre M Efficiency Engine that can generate up to 523 hp, giving it greater total strength. Despite this, the BMW X3 additionally has a 3.0-litre M Achievement I-6 powertrain that can produce upwards of 382 horsepower. Both SUVs are available in plug-in hybrid and four-wheel drive versions.

Maintenance cost comparison 

BMW x3 & x5 side by side offers you considerably higher maintenance charges. The annual auto maintenance expenditures for the BMW X5 come to $1,166. The table that follows provides a detailed rating of each automobile in this overall scheme for accuracy’s sake.

The BMW X5 is much less expensive to maintain than the typical car, which costs $651 a year, considering that it has a typical expenditure of $1,166. On the other hand, the x3 costs you around $450 annually for maintenance after all it doesn’t come with a power tune engine.

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Reliability comparison 

In terms of dependability, the X3 and X5 are comparable. The X3 has a three out of five anticipated dependability rating and a three out of five projected customer contentment score from Automotive Reports’ durability statistics for the 2023 model year.

The X3 came in the fifth position overall among 35 premium subcompact SUVs according to Consumers Research. The X5 has a similar expected dependability rating of three out of five, with just a significantly better customer happiness score of four out of five. According to Reliability Ratings’ rating, the X5 is the best premium compact SUV available.


The X3, which has not been updated since 2018, has seen the most significant changes on the inside. The new one does away with the CD player and also has the revised iDrive technology that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 2023’s bigger forehead and updated headlamps are visible from the exterior.

It still has the identical supercharged 4-cylinder engine. Whereas the x5 is considered to be the best of the series of the year and has won many awards and considering the fact of the safety and luxury if you have a wide budget then you should go for the x5.

How much bigger is X5 than X3?

The answer to this is X5 as it is bigger in design power and capacity.

Do the X3 and X5 have the same engine?

Nope! X5 engine is vastly different from x3’s engine. X3 has a 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine.

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