Volkswagen vs Skoda | Which is Better?

If you are somebody that prefers luxury, comfort, and style. Go for Volkswagen. As it is famous for its luxury cars all over Europe. While, if you insist on buying a vehicle that has quality and affordable range. You should choose Skoda if you are looking for a reliable car.

If we consider Volkswagen and Skoda then we can see the differences between their products, technology, and market strategies.

Volkswagen vs Skoda Chart

ReputationGoodWidely recognized globally
LuxurygoodThe best luxury car
Fuel usageadequateBetter fuel cutting
Price shareCompetitively less pricesExpensive range of prices

The answer to this depends upon your personal choice. Skoda has a range of cars that come with various features. But if you wonder who makes Skoda cars. Then you will see that it was supported by Volkswagen. If you are wondering who makes Skoda engines? The answer is that some of its model engines are provided by Volkswagen.

But are Skoda and Volkswagen the same company? No, they might have some connections but they are not the same. Volkswagen has a wider umbrella and it has taken Skoda under it. Volkswagen is the best if you prefer quality with class.

Skoda Karoq 2.0 TDI Vs Volkswagen T-Roc Comparison

CarSkoda Karoq 2.0 TDI SE L 4x4Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 TSI R-Line
On-the-road price£36,385£34,575
Powertrain4cyl in-line turbodiesel, 1,968cc4cyl in-line turbo petrol, 1,498cc
Transmission7-spd auto/4wd7-spd auto/fwd
Boot capacity (seats up/down)567/1,789 litres445/1,290 litres

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Skoda may have more maintenance costs but overall it is a fairly cheaper car. Most people ask if Skoda is a good car so the answer is yes. Moreover, Volkswagen is well known for its infotainment, driver assistance, and classy styling. Meanwhile, Skoda lacks such features.

But Skoda is more reliable than Volkswagen in terms of price and quality. As for brand identity, Volkswagen has the upper hand. But Skoda is considered a value-oriented brand.

Reliability Comparison

But as far as reliability is concerned Volkswagen has a worldwide market. This has made it a bigger brand. But Skoda has the best affordable automobiles. As far as technology is concerned, people wonder if Skoda and Volkswagen are the same company. The answer is no. But the brands do share some technologies.


When purchasing a car one thinks about his personal choices and desires. After much research, we have concluded that if you are somebody with a lot of money and you are a luxury lover. Then select the Volkswagen for its classic designs, styling, and reliability. But if you need a car that is reliable and value for money. Then go for the Skoda. As it costs less money and gives the best features.

Is Skoda owned by Volkswagen?

Yes, Skoda became a completely owned subsidiary in 2000. At first, Volkswagen purchased 30 % shares of Skoda in 1991. The share purchase increased to 70 % in 1995. Soon after that Skoda owned the company as one of its subsidiaries.

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What is Skoda vs Volkswagen build quality?

Skoda has the top reliability with its petrol Skoda superb having a score of 99.2%. Thanks to German technology, Skoda has gained the top position. Volkswagen also offers standard build quality but its best vehicle only offers up to 96% reliability score.

Is Skoda a good car?

Yes, as far as the price, technology, features, and reliability is concerned. Skoda is a good car because it gives you high-quality features along with an affordable price tag.

Which is cheaper Skoda or Volkswagen?

Skoda’s price is way lesser than Volkswagen’s. Volkswagen is a premium luxury car. This is why it is more expensive than a Skoda. Meanwhile, Skoda is focused on good features along with fair prices.

Who makes Skoda engines?

Most engines in the Skoda brand are produced by Skoda itself. But some of its models have engines that are supported by Volkswagen. Few such as EA 211 engines are supported by Volkswagen.

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