Tesla vs Lucid | Which is Better?

For over a decade, tesla was considered to be unmatchable with its innovative products. But not anymore, it now has a rival called Lucid. If we see Tesla and Lucid we can see major differences. Tesla has the best charging network by providing its charging spots in major cities. Supercharging spots are a plus point for Tesla.

However, lucid can be charged at a slower rate of 250kW. Lucid offers a better driving range of about 451 miles while Tesla offers only 405 miles.

In terms of performance, Lucid is the quicker. And faster with its 156 mph helped it to complete a quarter-mile sprint in 9.1 seconds. Moreover, lucid performs maximum on a single charge. Furthermore, lucid air is also more spacious than Tesla.

Tesla vs Lucid Chart

CarTesla Lucid
Starting Price$94,990
Horsepower RPM670
Gear NumberAutomatic
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length5 year5 year

Lucid outnumbers Tesla in various aspects. Battery performance is one of them. Lucid vs Tesla battery comparison demonstrates that Lucid has a better-performing battery with a vast charging capacity of 300kW and takes minimum space. In addition to this, Lucid and Tesla mileage, lucid offer way better mileage with their fast speed.

Engine Comparison Chart

CarTesla Lucid
Horsepower RPM670
EPA Highway Fuel Economy124 MPGN/A
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Battery consumption and performance:

Lucid outperforms Tesla in terms of battery consumption. Because Lucid has more charging capacity than Tesla. Lucid can perform better in one charging. For example, Lucid dream drive vs Tesla autopilot has a lot of differences. Lucid dream drive overtakes Tesla autopilot with its advanced features which include 14 light cameras and 32 sensors.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Unlike other fuel-consuming automobiles, tesla and Lucid do not require any specific maintenance cost. So both of them have an upper hand in this part. As a result, consumers save a great deal of money.

Reliability Comparison

Tesla has made its mark in the automobile industry with its impeccable reputation. Lucid is new to the market. But still, it is emerging as a trustworthy brand. Lucid has been able to save many loyal clients all over the world even in such a small period.


The above-mentioned difference between lucid and tesla have shown that the answer to ‘Is lucid better than tesla?’ lies in favor of lucid. Lucid outnumbers Tesla in a lot of aspects. Moreover, the lucid innovations tell us that the lucid air vs tesla race is going to settle on the lucid’s side. Lucid is soon launched lucid Air Dream with a 520 EPA miles range.

All these facts and things stated above mentioned about Lucid ev vs Tesla, the Tesla is beaten up by Lucid. Lucid with its affordable range, fast speed, better dimensions, and excellent battery performance outnumbers Tesla in every way. And thus saves the first position in the electric vehicle.

How is Lucid competing with Tesla?

Lucid is competing with Tesla with its electric cars in the luxury segment. Lucid air variants are giving tough competition to Model S Sedan and Model X SUVs.

What is the Saudi business deal with lucid motors?

The Saudi government has planned to purchase 100,00 lucid motors for the next decade. A lucid plant is being constructed in Jeddah is underway.

Is Lucid more expensive than Tesla?

Yes, lucid is more expensive than Tesla as it is a luxury brand with electric vehicles.

Are lucid cars the fastest?

Yes, lucid cars are striving hard to be the fastest. Lucid model air electric 2022 can be as fast as 122mph.

Size & Dimensions:

VehicleTesla Lucid
Headroom (front/rear)39.7inches
Legroom (front/rear)42.4inches
Shoulder Room (front/rear)58.4inches
58.3 inches

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