Subaru vs Toyota | Which is Better?

Subaru and Toyota both are well-recognized Japanese Manufacturers. After careful research of Subaru and Toyota, we have reached some key differences between these two. Subaru is famous for its balanced stability and advanced traction system.

One such example is the Toyota Tacoma and Subaru Ascent. Tacoma is known for its safety on roads while subaru ascent is known for its comfort. Moreover, there is a huge difference between Subaru’s eyesight vs Toyota’s safety sense. Both companies offer extra safety techs which include ADAS which is AI-based. Even if you are going to get a used car, we have studied the used Subaru vs used Toyota factor for you. The reliability of Toyota is much higher, as we have concluded.

Subaru vs Toyota Chart

Starting Price$26,395
Horsepower RPM5800 rpm6,500 rpm
Torque RPM4400 rpm4,200 rpm
Gear NumberCVT w/OD
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length5 year5 year

Subaru has better wheel technology and an advanced engine which allows it to have better performance. However, Toyota does not offer any advanced wheel features. Toyota has launched the Toyota Prius which has made it the king of electric and hybrid cars. Subaru does not offer as many electric or hybrid cars as some of its competitors.

Toyota stands first with its Prius hybrid technology. Therefore, Toyota is helping Subaru in developing electric cars. Subaru has a unique design and styling that is captivating.

Engine Comparison Chart

Horsepower RPM5800 rpm6,500 rpm
Torque RPM4400 rpm4,200 rpm
EPA Highway Fuel Economy2630
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Maintenance Cost Comparison

It is a fact that both of these companies are competitive. They are striving to provide products with better quality and service. For example, if we consider maintenance costs, both companies will provide different maintenance costs in different regions for their products.

Reliability Comparison

Moreover, the market presence is also a major difference for both companies. Toyota has a major market share throughout the world. The company has service stations around the world and has a large network of recalls. This is because Toyota cars are considered way more reliable than Subaru. Subaru may have a loyal customer base.


According to our research, if we see, both of these companies have their pros and cons. Moreover, after having a deep look over the range of products, affordability, reliability, safety, technology, and fuel efficiency. Toyota is better than Subaru. The question of whether is Subaru as good as Toyota has a red flag answer. Which means no.

Is Subaru owned by Toyota now?

No, Subaru is subsidized by Subaru cooperation. Toyota may have partnered with Subaru for some models. But various Subaru models are self-produced by Subaru.

Is Subaru as good as Toyota?

No, Toyota is known for its reliability. And this reliability cannot be offered by Subaru. Subaru with its advanced features has proved itself to be a good car. But it cannot compete with Toyota.

Why do people love Subaru?

Subaru is loved for its safety feature. It has better safety technology and advancements. Subaru has come to the market with the best safety features. It is difficult to compete with any other automobile brand.

What is the most sold card ever?

Toyota Corolla is the most sold car ever. It has 12 generations which sold more than 50 million units. It is loved worldwide due to its affordability and fantastic features.

Toyota vs Subaru, which is cheaper?

Subaru is priced less than Toyota. Toyota comes with better technology and more price as compared to Subaru. However, Subaru may have less price but in terms of maintenance cost, it is costlier than Toyota.

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