Mercedes vs Tesla | Which is Better?

Two of the most renowned and forward-thinking automobile brands globally are Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. The companies have extensive histories of providing exceptional car models to their customers, and they lead the charge in electric vehicle innovation.

The article compares Mercedes Benz and Tesla based on their past, and current product offerings, and plans.

Mercedes vs Tesla Chart

Starting Price$74,900$94,990
Horsepower RPM288670
Torque RPM417
Gear Number66
Blind Spot SystemAutomatic
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length4 year12 year

If luxury and comfort are top priorities, along with a solid track record of reliability, Mercedes-Benz stands out as an excellent option. However, those interested in high-performance and cutting-edge technology, combined with environmental friendliness, may prefer the Tesla.

To determine the best brand for you, it’s recommended to test drive both a Mercedes-Benz and a Tesla. By doing so, you can experience the unique driving dynamics and features of each brand firsthand.

Engine Comparison Chart

Horsepower RPM288670
Torque RPM417
1450 rpm
EPA Highway Fuel Economy98 MPG124 MPG
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Future Plans:

By 2025, they plan to roll out up to 10 new electric car models, as per their recent announcement. Tesla is set to expand its offering of electric cars, with the company announcing plans to launch a new model annually for the foreseeable future.

This commitment aligns with Tesla’s mission to lead the automotive industry towards sustainable energy solutions and demonstrates their continued efforts in pioneering eco-friendly, innovative transportation.

Current Lineups:

Mercedes-Benz has an extensive collection of vehicles at present, covering a broad spectrum from upscale sedans to sturdy SUVs, sports cars, and even versatile vans. The company’s electric range adds more variety with EQC, EQA, and EQS models on offer.

Tesla offers three electric car models: the Model S, Model 3, and Model X. In addition, they are currently developing a Cyber pickup truck and a semi-truck.

Size & Dimensions:

Headroom (front/rear)40.1 inches39.7inches
Legroom (front/rear)41.7 inches42.4inches
Shoulder Room (front/rear)58.9inches58.4 inches

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Mercedes vehicles necessitate a more frequent upkeep schedule in comparison to their Tesla counterparts. This is because Mercedes automobiles have highly intricate Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), which require a higher number of oil modifications, fluid flushes as well as tune-ups at regular intervals.

Tesla cars rely on electric motors, which demand less attention than traditional internal combustion engines. Regular maintenance for Tesla vehicles amounts to tire rotations and brake checks only.

The cost of maintaining Mercedes cars is typically higher than Tesla cars. This is because Mercedes uses more costly parts and fluids, as well as requires more extensive labor hours to keep the car in proper working order. Even though this may result in a higher upfront expense for maintenance, many drivers feel that it is worth it for the performance and luxury associated with owning a Mercedes

Tesla cars use inexpensive parts and fluids, which translates into lower maintenance costs. Additionally, they require fewer labor hours for upkeep compared to other vehicles in their class.

Which car is better in appearance?

Mercedes-Benz is taking on Tesla’s Model S with its EQS Sedan, which has luxury and impressive performance, satisfying speed-thirsty drivers. These vehicles offer abundant cargo space, making them comparable.

Which is Safer?

That’s the question. According to NHTSA crash test ratings, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Tesla Model 3 both have a safety rating of 5 out of 5 stars on average.


Mercedes-Benz and Tesla are among the top car brands worldwide, offering a diverse range of vehicles and an unwavering dedication to groundbreaking technologies. Choosing whatever you want between these two giants depends on your personal needs.

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