Volkswagen vs Toyota | Which is Better?

Volkswagen and Toyota are the names of two giants in the automobile industry. If you look deeply into their history, brand reputation, product line, and market approach. You will find major differences. Volkswagen belongs to Germans and it is famous for its German technology. Toyota comes from Japan and is an astounding invention of Japanese Manufacturers.

Toyota prefers long-term, quality control and emphasizes better performance. But Volkswagen flaunts its better engineering techniques by producing detailed and delicate designs. As well as sports cars, it has a reputation for excellence Moreover, Toyota is famous for its attention to quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Volkswagen vs Toyota Chart

CarFord EdgeMazda cx 5
Starting Price$39,345
Horsepower RPM5000 rpm6000 rpm
Torque RPM3000 rpm4000rpm
Gear Number86
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length5 year10 year

Volkswagen and Toyota are the biggest competitors in the automobile market. When we look at the comparison various aspects come to the surface.

Market value is better for Toyota as compared to Volkswagen. It has the number one market share by having its market in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. On the other hand, Volkswagen’s market lies in South America, North America, and Asia only.

Toyota offers multiple ranges of products ranging from cars, SUVs, trucks, hybrid, and electric vehicles. While Volkswagen is known for its compact cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and electric models.

Engine Comparison Chart

CarFord EdgeMazda cx 5
Horsepower RPM5000 rpm6000 rpm
Torque RPM3000 rpm4000rpm
EPA Highway Fuel Economy28 MPG30 MPG
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Volkswagen is expensive to maintain. Its service stations are only present in Europe and Western countries. Volkswagen has an advantage as a luxury car brand. It has earned a voluminous reputation for producing stylish and exquisite car designs.

Their vehicles are also interesting because of their performance. Japanese technology is famous for its products worldwide and so is Toyota. Toyota is the pioneer in electric cars.

Reliability Comparison

They are both unique from each other in various aspects. As for reliability, Toyota has a family-oriented business with a wide range of loyal customers worldwide. In comparison to that, Volkswagen focuses on interior design betterment, better experience driving dynamics, and quality performance with the best engineering techniques. And this attention to detail has gained Volkswagen many customers globally.

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After a wide detailed research, we have concluded that Toyota ranks at the top in Toyota vs Volkswagen comparison. Toyota has better customer reviews, product quality, and pricing. Additionally, Toyota has a range of products. Toyota introduced the Corolla, Camry, Highlander, Rav4, and Tacoma models as part of its product lineup.

On the other hand, Volkswagen is relied upon for Atlas, Passet, and electric models like ID.3 and ID.4. Every category of its products has multiple price ranges that make the brand equally affordable as well as expensive.

What is Volkswagen’s competitive advantage over Toyota?

Volkswagen has the competitive advantage of German technology over Toyota. The designs and detailing of Volkswagen are well known. When Toyota is focused on quality, safety, and endurance, while Volkswagen comes with better styling, designs, and performance.

Who is bigger Toyota or Volkswagen?

Toyota has better sales value. It is the number one car sales company by volume. Toyota has a higher market share worth up to $250 Billion. While Volkswagen has a market share of $107 B globally. This makes Toyota a bigger brand

When did Volkswagen overtake Toyota?

In 2017, Volkswagen tasseled Toyota down from the number one position. Volkswagen with its rich heritage comes with better European designs, engineering techniques, and performance. Because of these astounding features, it has been able to tussle down Toyota.

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