Kia Telluride vs Hyundai Palisade in 2023 | Which is Better?

The Palisade and the Telluride, two medium SUVs, were created by Hyundai and Kia, corporate siblings. At first sight, it may seem as if the only real distinction here amongst cars is in the logos. Nevertheless, as you go a little further, you’ll start to notice several key differences.

Choosing the best one is challenging since there is nothing to differentiate these SUVs. To help you decide between these two cars, we’ll be comparing them head-to-head over 10 key metrics. We will compare and contrast these two cars in terms of their advantages and disadvantages across a wide range of criteria, from cost and energy efficiency to comfort and security.

Keep in mind that the information and statistics above were current whenever this article was published. Because the U.S. News is always incorporating the most recent data into its rankings. Several variations of the 2023 Palisade and the 2023 Telluride are offered. The cost differential between these two brand-new SUVs is very configuration and option-dependent.

Drivers may save a lot of money on the Palisade range while still getting high-end options like wireless Google AutoTM/Apple CarPlay® audio compatibility for their connected smartphone as included equipment. Check out our existing offerings to discover how much they are selling for such as Kia telluride & Hyundai palisade specs.

Kia telluride vs hyundai palisade comparison chart 

Carkia telluridehyundai palisade
Starting price$31,600$25,400
Engine capacity2000 cc1998 cc
Hp rpm3800 rpm3200 rpm
Torque rpm1200 rpm1800 rpm
Gear number66

Which is better?

When comparing the Kia Telluride with the Hyundai Palisade, the engines are unexpectedly identical in both vehicles. The 2021 Telluride and the 2021 Palisade have identical 291-horsepower 3.8-liter V6 powertrains. Considering a three-row SUV, this level of performance is unparalleled, and because these share identical powertrain, this is one area where they are identical.

The Kia Telluride offers a little more trunk room than the Palisade. Capacity in the Telluride may increase to 87 cubic feet when all seating is collapsed. It is possible to fit seven people in a Telluride without sacrificing the generous 21 cubic feet of storage capacity located beneath the third row.

Following kia telluride & Hyundai palisade Reddit, these measurements are superior to what Palisade provides in terms of available capacity, but only slightly. Whenever all seating is folded back, the Palisade offers only approximately 86.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity, including nearly 18 cubic feet beneath the third-row bench.

Consequently, the amount of storage capacity is not expected to be the deciding factor, although it may be for some. Each one has an eight-inch display, iPhone CarPlay, Google Auto, a six-speaker sound system, and five different USB connections.

They also contain Bluetooth, a useful and forward-thinking feature. The Telluride has a little edge here since it offers either HD or terrestrial radio, although whether or not this is important to you is ultimately up to you to decide.

Engine Comparison Chart

Hp rpm3300 rpm3200 rpm
Torque rpm1200 rpm1100 rpm
Highway fuel efficiency40 MPG44 MPG
start/ stop systemNoneNone

Talking about the engine capacity of the KIA with 291 hp and 6000 rpm and the Hyundai with 300 hp and 6005 rpm. Both of the engines are built very powerfully and are considered to be daily-driven cars. When comparing the Kia Telluride with the Hyundai Palisade, there is little discernible variation in their respective powertrain capabilities.

The 2021 Telluride and the 2021 Palisade have identical 291-horsepower 3.8-liter V6 powertrains. Depending on the Kia Telluride & Hyundai palisade specs of the engine the capacity may differ along with the price.

Size and dimension 

Vehicle  KIA  Hyundai 
headroom 32 inch 35.1 inch
legroom 31 inch 33.5 inch
Shoulder room 49 inch 39 inch

Fuel consumption and performance comparison 

You can be certain that driving and your guests will be comfortable in either the Kia Telluride or the Hyundai Palisade, so we won’t waste any time delving into the specifics of the comparisons of the two vehicles’ protection features.

For obvious reasons, while discussing automobiles, it is necessary to stress the importance of security and dependability. Even so, these features are often at the forefront of the wish list for prospective buyers of a three-row SUV. After it has become established, we may go on to the finer points.

When comparing the Kia Telluride with the Hyundai Palisade, the differences between them in terms of fuel economy are rather minimal compared to the other elements we’ve discussed. Since the Telluride and the Palisade share a powertrain, they both get around identical mileage.

It is projected that these three-row SUVs will get 20 mpg downtown and 26 mpg on the motorway. Neither number is particularly impressive, but they are respectable nevertheless. For better performance, the Kia telluride & Hyundai palisade interior design may vary.

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Maintenance cost comparison 

Since these cars are daily driven cars which is why you need to be sure that the maintenance of the car is being done properly, Kia Telluride being America’s September most sold out car requires an annual cost of $1500 which includes every kind of service and changing of tires approx after 100,000 miles.

Whereas the Hyundai palisade, also known as the best family car, requires a minimum of $1000 with proper service and a change of oil. It is also compared with the Kia telluride and Hyundai palisade vs ford explorer due to being the best affordable family car.

Reliability comparison 

When searching for a modern family SUV, you should prioritize protection above all else. The Palisade SE comes outfitted with a range of driver-assist technology to enable you to escape obstacles you may not notice. You’ll receive access to things like lane-keeping assistance, a driving attentiveness alarm system, and frontal accident-avoiding assistance with machine vision.

Two new safety features, Rear Passenger Alert and Driving Concentration Monitoring, have been added to the 2017 Telluride. No difference whatever trim you choose, the 2021 Kia Telluride will keep you and your loved ones secure. Accident prevention aid, automated urgent stopping, and intruder identification are just some of the high-tech safety technologies at your disposal.

A premium backup camera completes this safeguard package, providing you with a constant, unobstructed vision of what’s happening beyond you. This may all seem fantastic, and it is, but it is not unique to Telluride. Unexpectedly, the 2021 Hyundai Palisade’s protection package is almost identical to that of the Telluride. As a result, the presence of protection measures won’t play a major role in the final decision.


The Hyundai Palisade, a three-row SUV, received a redesign for the current model year that makes it even better. Its inside is one of the most luxurious in its category, thanks to high-quality materials and an appealing design. The base V6 power plant provides powerful performance and a peaceful cabin, while the riding itself is comfortable and well-mannered.

With room for eight occupants and lots of conveniences, the Kia Telluride is a luxurious SUV. This large midsize SUV has a zippy V6 engine that allows it to accelerate quickly and smoothly, and the cabin is peaceful and comfortable.

It comes in a variety of well-equipped models, with either front-wheel movement or all-wheel start driving. There’s enough space for the household and their belongings, and the vehicle is equipped with conventional protection and entertainment systems.

Is the Telluride or Palisade bigger?

When comparing the Kia Telluride to the Hyundai Palisade, you’ll find that they’re around identical dimensions. In comparison to the 2023 Kia Telluride and 2023 Palisade, the latter is longer by 1.9 inches. The Palisade and the Telluride have around 87 cubic feet of luggage space, with the Palisade being 77.8 inches broad and the Telluride being 78.3 inches long.

Are Palisade and Telluride the same?

The Kia Telluride is a superior choice for off-roading and features a more powerful powertrain while being somewhat narrower than the Hyundai Palisade. When it comes to SUVs, the Telluride is certainly among the healthiest on the market.

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