Chevy Spark vs Nissan Versa | Which is Better?

Nissan Versa and Chevy Spark offer comfortable and compactable driving with better performance and modern designs. The cars have better safety features and technology integration that provides better and user-friendly efficiency for the driving case.

Overall, Nissan Versa and chevy spark has the advantage of a new vehicle and a lower pricing range, making them better than the other models.

Chevy Spark vs Nissan Versa Chart

CarChevy SparkNissan Versa
Starting Price$14,700$17,400
Horsepower RPM 6200rpm6000pm
Torque RPM44004400
Gear NumberContinuously Variable Ratio
Blind Spot SystemStandardStandard
Forward Collision WarningActiveActive
Rust Warranty Length10 year10 year

If you are comparing both cars, different aspects can add a difference between both cars. It may include performance, efficiency, and technology options. It depends on the person to decide what is the better option.

Considering the feature and technology are the best features you desire to follow, including various systems such as integration and advanced driver assistance. Both cars are equipped with technology updates, so they need daily maintenance for the system updates.

The other main factor is the reliability that both cars offer in the form of different options like warranty coverage. The cars have made a good reputation in the form of reliability with several other features.

The last one is based on the fuel consumption. Chevy Spark and Nissan Versa both have efficient fuel consumption, resulting in good transmission and diving conditions and providing good fuel consumption.

Engine Comparison Chart

CarChevy SparkNissan Versa
Horsepower RPM6200rpm6000pm
Torque RPM44004400
EPA Highway Fuel Economy30 MPG32 MPG
Start/Stop SystemYesYes

Fuel Consumption & Performance Comparison

The cars have different fuel consumption, and normally, the tank capacity is not affecting the car’s performance. The car performance is based on engine efficiency; in this case, the tank capacity of the Chevy Spark 2021 model is about 9 gallons, while the Nissan Versa 2021 model is about 10.8 gallons.

Besides the fuel capacity consumption, Nissan Versa focuses on little time and provides a flexible and smooth ride. While Chevy Spark delivers a smooth ride on the highway.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

The maintenance cost of both cars varies and depends on various factors. It may include different comparisons, which may include:

Routine Maintenance

The maintenance cost is linked to several factors. The factors can vary, but routine maintenance is the one that is normally linked with everyday expenses. Both cars’ routine cost is much higher due to their electric technology and luxury counterparts. Routine services include oil changes, filter replacements, and other inspections.

In the case of Chevy Spark and Nissan Versa, the recurring costs may include the expenses linked to the oil change and tire rotation, depending on the model car. The price for each service is different. Nissan Versa’s price is linked to different factors.

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Labor Costs

The labor costs are hourly, totaling around $80 to $ 150 in the normal range. However, for luxurious car maintenance, the price can vary, depending on the repair shops and the factory technicians that provide the costs linked with the replacement parts and the service charges. Mostly the labor costs change from city to city and depend on the model car.

Reliability Comparison

The model cars, Chcevy Soark and Nissan Versa are reliable car sources. The costs depend on the year. They have a good reliability score and provide additional features such as warranty coverage, extended warranty, and additional factors. All such aspects in chevy spark and Nissan Versa increase the reliability costs.

Size & Dimensions

VehicleChevy SparkNissan Versa
Headroom (front/rear)37
Legroom (front/rear)33 inches31 inches
Shoulder Room (front/rear)49.8


Both model cars, Chevy Spark and Nissan Versa, are popular cars of the time. They have their features and are the model of top car brand companies. The cars have different costs which are associated with them.

These costs include the relative costs of the overall maintenance of the vehicles. The model type determines the actual costs, the performance, the efficiency, and all the related fuel capacities. Regular maintenance is needed for both cars.

What is the Nissan equivalent to the chevy spark?

There are different similarities between them, including the engine and performance efficiency.

What cars compete with chevy spark?

Maruti Suzuki, Baja Qute, and other renowned cars, including Suzuki models, act as competitors in the market.

Why did Nissan discontinue Versa?

Nissan Versa ended in 2014 in Canada due to low sales figures and was not up to expectations.

What replaced the Nissan Versa?

Nissan Versa 3rd Generation is the new model in 2020 that is a compact SUV and has better replaced Versa Note Hatchback.

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